My name is Angela, I’m a thirty-something from Switzerland. I studied game design in Zurich and before that, I worked as a multimedia specialist. This is a Switzerland-specific profession that combines multimedia knowledge with business- and IT knowledge. I couldn’t be better prepared for the whole “passive income” hustle as I have an education in several Adobe programs, general knowledge about everything IT and the skill to teach myself everything necessary with the use of the internet.

My day job since 2013 is creating games for functional movement therapy with sensory and robotic devices, which I work part-time to have some space to learn and create things on my own.

I’m kind of an introvert, but I love teaching people – gaining and sharing knowledge is the best thing there is. I’m so grateful to live in a time where knowledge can be shared with almost no limits of location and time.

So if you’re looking into earning some passive income by selling digital products, this blog is totally for you. You can follow my progress, learn from my mistakes, and share my experiences.

If you have questions or topic requests for my blog, please reach out here, I love to hear from my readers. Please also share your success moments or what you work on!